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As a new member you might not be aware there has been some disharmony of late between A2OC and Tony(A2Cars) so it might be wise to tread carefully if you mention the club!!!! By way of explanation I was going to point you at a recent club post in Announcements but it seems to have disappeared????

My advice is to talk about anything but the forum and the Facebook group. The effervescence seems to have subsided on here thankfully but it seems that quite a few people are still hurting.

Tony is a superb vehicle tech and passionate about A2s. He pretty much picked mine up off the floor when I first got it and gave me a really good base from which to carry on the restoration. You get very detailed bill narratives as well which I like.

I do an awful lot myself and save the very fiddly bits (like FSI misfire) for him. In fact, the last visit was for Opensky fix and misfire diagnosis and I'm now going to change the fuel injector myself!

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Thanks for the advise. I'm going to get the car through the MOT before I tackle the nice bits, so it may be a few weeks before I get to the OSS.

Thanks again.