Any idea what this is for?


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Any idea what this is for? I think it was part of the original toolkit.


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I’ve never actually bothered to us it! Once the wheel is located on the hub centre it turns easily to locate a stud. I guess they would help if the wheel did not need lifting far.


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How many people use the ‘bolt spinner’ built into the screwdriver handle, or the ‘parking slot for the rear seatbelts?
I always use the seat belt slots, but then that’s just because I know they’re there and so far I’ve not carried rear passengers, but I have folded the seats a few times - they keep the belts nicely stowed out of the way!
I have these in the tool kit for my Macan, trouble is that the 21” wheels are so heavy the stud tool just bends. Should work well on the A2 though
I've changed 16" wheels with 285/75 off road tyres on a Discovery many times and, because they're heavy and I'm 74 and not as strong as I once was, have to use a shovel to lift them in order to line them up with the studs. It might work with your Macan.


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You have your answer from others, It is called something like a wheel positioning dowel. Rotate the wheel hub so one wheel bolt hole is at the top, screw in dowel and hang the wheel on it. Yes I hang the wheel, I am not strong enough at my age to do otherwise, with weight now gone swing wheel slightly like a pendulum to line up a bolt hole and screw home wheel bolt, remove tool.

I only used the Audi dowel once and it ended up so tight I broke the end off using a screwdriver through the hole!, probably because I hung the wheel. The A2 Audi dowel is plastic junk, I have bought a steel version off eBay, Ian(@Kleynie) search 'wheel positioning dowel' if any use to you.

Actually I think two would be an idea, a long one and a shorter one, first hang wheel on longer dowel, push wheel in a bit and fit shorter one, push wheel fully home, remaining bolt holes now line up, just day dreaming.

A downside of the eBay metal ones is they all seem to have a pathetic slot for a flat driver, should have something for a socket.



I bought my metal one on ebay from Latvia - cost £15 in Sep 2017. I've used it a number of times and it does the job well.

Agreed, the plastic one is useless, very un Audi like. It was probably seen as being needed once in a lifetime and being disposable.

Another (the same?) Latvian seller is now selling for £26 + any import fees etc.