Anyone got a vintage classic car?


They aren't vintage!

Vintage is generally accepted as pre 1940
This is a common misconception with air cooled vw owners... most are on their high horse and for some reason deem them as ‘vintage’.
Back in the day the very community used to be friendly and helpful now everyone just rips each other off selling extremely over priced and crap second hand parts. The cars themselves sell for ridiculous money. I sold my samba for £47k and have to admit that it was sh*t.
Looked nice though.


Don’t want to put a downer on things for you as they can be enjoyable. Learn as much as you can as they are a constant pain. I wouldn’t own one without the basic knowledge
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I used to love going to Camper Jam and Bug Jam back in the day, especially when I passed most of them 'parked' on the hard shoulder somewhere along a busy road, usually with an RAC van or AA van parked suspiciously close to them! I'm sure they would be a lot busier in the show ground if all of them actually made the 50mile round trip!!!!
In the past 10 years I've had a 1967 Citroen Ami 6 and a 1970 Volvo 144 - if only they'd been aluminum!! never let anyone tell you old Volvos don't rust
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I've had a 1967 Citroen Ami 6
Back when you could travel I was in Lyon, I had just crossed the Saone and was about to cross the road at a zebra crossing. The first car that stopped was a blue Ami convertible with the most beautiful lady driving it. My jaw dropped, which she must have noticed because she gave me a little wave and a wonderful smile. It was twenty years ago and I can picture it like it had happened in the last 5 minutes.


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I've had a few classic (as opposed to vintage) cars:

1974 VW Beetle (made in Mexico - was a real mix-mash of older parts!)

Several Triumph Heralds

1964 Riley Elf (I put a MG 1100 engine in that, it went really nicely and I kept it for a long time)

1974 Hillman Hunter DL (worn out but a lovely comfortable car for a sixth form student!)

1976 Humber Sceptre Estate

8-10 Vauxhall Viva HCs!

1969 Vauxhall Ventora 3.3 (I should have kept that one - it was gorgeous)

Two Mk 1 Escorts, back when they weren't silly money

1975 Ford Cortina 2000E (Looked shabby but standard, I should have kept that one, especially after I dropped the 2.9 Cosworth BOA engine in it! We also did a couple of epic European road trips in it - Here it is on a Croatian motorway)

1986 Citroen 2CV (Both my wife and I hated that thing, it was a real deathtrap but I made over 1000 quid in profit by selling to a collector in Malaysia!)

1984 MG Montego Turbo (otherwise known as the "Monstrositego" by my friends - it was fun but souless and felt cheap - quickly sold on

1974 Austin Allegro (Bought for a joke, it was immaculate - the joke was on me however as I immediately realised what an excellent car it was, in complete contrast to the reputation! I kept it for a couple of years and remember it fondly

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2 x 1977 Austin / Leyland Princess' (Again, excellent cars in "b" series / 1800cc format, these plus the Allegro completely changed my outlook of BL cars)

Mercedes 280 SLC & also 500SL (both lovely and my wife liked them, but not "me")

1978 Mercedes W123 280ce coupe (again lovely but not my thing)

1980 MG Midget (Good fun but not practical for most of the year)

1964 Wolseley 16/60 (I could see why these cars were popular, it wasn't fast but it was spacious and comforable, for a 60's car it was also quite refined at 65-70mph.

~5 x Ford Fiesta Mk2's- At one point they were my "go to" for a cheap reliable runaround when you could pick up a good one for a couple of hundred quid with MOT and know that it would happily do its job without fear of breakdowns

1969 Plymouth Satellite (bought in Arizona, had it shipped to San Francisco where it did a 12,000 mile tour of the USA after a left university in 2003!)

This pretty much brings me up to date - I now have this, a 1969 BMW 2800cs, which I'm about to put up for sale:
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The Austin princess is no doubt THE ugliest car ever made!! Makes me want to vomit just looking at it!


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The Austin princess is no doubt THE ugliest car ever made!! Makes me want to vomit just looking at it!
The back could have been done better, but I don’t think it’s an ugly car judged by the standards of the time, it’s very of its era and was seen as exciting and modern back then.

Honestly I was expecting the BL products of the 70s to be garbage but they were actually very good cars - I assume the factories were having good days when mine were made! None of them gave any trouble and were very practical, comfortable and economical in use - Plus super simple to maintain.

They don’t rust quite as fast as some other cars of the era either.