ASV advice / info


Afternoon folks,

I realise this is another post regarding my issue with Lyra. I believe like some of you in the previous post that the issue is indeed the ASV (Anti Shudder Valve). I haven't managed to get the car to the garage yet still have not been driving it very far it must be 'intermittent'? As the EML light is still coming and going, the shudderning only happens now and again also.

So this post is to work out my next step..

Do I order a reconditioned ASV (I have found one) is there anything I need to be aware of before buying?

Does anyone know the part number for the ASV for the BHC engine?

Does anyone have one available? I would rather support someone on the owners club than elsewhere.

Thanks again for all the help guys.


The ASV for BHC and TDi90 engine are the same, I don't have the part number to hand.
I do have a set of replacement internal gears for one though, should that turn out to be the problem.


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Take your ASV off, open up the electics box to see how much oil present. Clean everything regardless then check for damaged or worn gear teeth. Oil will get into the electrics box at some stage as the shaft seal hardens and wears. A second hand one may be in worse condition than your own ASV. Take Andy up on the offer of the gears though if needed. Think once the oil is there in quantity that breaks down the plastic gears making the failure worse.