AT order goes live for an April 30th order. Please read.

VAG fun bundle has landed and it's a whopper!
Volico is here too.
Ok team, the parcel has arrived chez moi. If recipients would pm me with their preferred onward shipping method I will get busy over the weekend.
So, all bundles are in the post and a very big thanks to Baron Von Audi, @simufly for the AT part distro and Lord Von Volico, @Proghound, purveyor of paint and primer in the UK too. Many thanks chaps for helping.
@Edwrai, we have chatted about your oversized appendages and a plan is hatching so keep an eye on the emails.

Its happening!

What can I say :)

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So the order has been successful, over €1200, 17 tins of paint and 47 items from AT.
All reimbursed to me promptly and again, a big thanks to @simufly and @Proghound on the UK end.
This method does take a little time but it is working to get those items across which would be difficult to find or NLA in the UK.

Thats it for now, but, if your car is off the road one-offs can be accommodated but there is a post premium on single items..

Let's have a short break.
Great work as usual Rick,

Truly amazing offering you selflessly provide us here in the UK. I didn’t participate in this round. It will be sun for the next one for sure. Thank you so much for all you do for us Sir.

A massive thank you to Ian @Proghound and Simon @simufly for their time in distributing the items, I know how long it can take organising such tasks.

Kind regards,