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What about the club sponsoring Timnus to get in touch with Car Throttle, and offer to help them sort it? Could be good for the club, good for values etc? If we all chipped in just a little?
Good suggestion and generous thought. Very A2oc. However with 2.7m subscribers and 670k views on that video I don't think they'll be strapped for cash. If club members would like to contribute knowledge, parts or experise to any future videos these guys may be considering on this wee car I'm happy to message them and discuss if they are willing to do so. What do you folks think?


£150 and it's on the road, you can't complain about that.

I hope he takes it to audi or his specialist to get the full breakdown. It can't sting him as hard as that m3, surely? His hypermiler was really good as well, was it an octavia? Cant remember.


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Guys, I think any such offer should be done very carefully.

Car Throttle seems to try and position itself as a Youtube channel for those who loved the old Top Gear type of format, albeit with more of a focus on car enthusiasts (so say somewhere between that and the old wheeler dealers with Ed China).

Car Throttle is owned by a company, not by Alex and his side-kicks. There is always a risk that so-called "entertainment" shows like this might not respond in the way that an enthusiastic individual would. Look at Top Gear's treatment of Morris Marinas and their owners club - admittedly an extreme example. I am not saying don't do it - Just be mindful there are precedents to be aware of.

I am quite happy if the uneducated have formed opinions about our cars without ever having tried one! It keeps them more affordable for the rest of us and in any case interest in them is already taking off from what I see - I do acknowledge that the flip side of course is that more people interested in them might mean more being saved from scrap / breaking while there's still a few around, I suppose.


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Just stumbled on a USA website that references (28 August 2020) the Car Throttle article:

Interestingly it says
But you do get the sense that Doug Demuro could fill his usual 30 minutes or so talking about all the quirks on this car and not even have time to get past the windshield. And he may well do when the first of these cars become importable in 2025. If any make it across the pond, which we sincerely hope they do.
Apparently Doug Demuro is an American automotive YouTuber. The 2025 date is because motor vehicles less than 25 years old must comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) in order to be imported permanently into the United States. Long article on the history of the 25 year rule and campaigns to reduce/eliminate it, here: