Audi driver international show 2018

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Event date: Saturday 2018-10-13
Registration ends: Friday 2018-10-12
Username Guest count Note
a2sumo a2sumo 1  
KekseKaempfer KekseKaempfer 1 A2
Muska Muska 1  
A2Steve A2Steve 1 Bringing Peppa.
rosiedog rosiedog 2 Rosie is on holiday that weekend
stevec stevec 1 Maybe 2 if the better half fancies a day out
Cenick Cenick 1 Maybe 2
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
Teresa Teresa 2  
Gritty Gritty 2 1 car
A Aye2 2  
Proghound Proghound 1 Just me
robin robin 2 Just my car mike thanks
Jellybean Jellybean 2 and a dog!
drewroberts drewroberts 2  
sciroccorrado sciroccorrado 1 Just waiting on tix :)
Captain059 Captain059 1 Could you also book me for the Saturday night dinner? Thanks
Reubenah Reubenah 1 I will attend
ben ben 1  
ajsellors ajsellors 1  
Nye Nye 1 Morning only. Driving over from Cardiff
Tobecomecarrion Tobecomecarrion 2 A2
Clemy123isme Clemy123isme 2 Minty OSS ~ ASAP ~ half day


A2OC Donor
Didn't manage to get any decent photos as I managed to forget my camera ... DOH!

But here's a small selection of phone photos... (First one nothing to do with ADI, but picked from the garden and left for wifey on her desk :))





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A2OC Donor
Hi all - just wanted to ask if anyone has any pics of the day please share them on here. I know someone was taking pics at the meeting point I’d really like to see them. Many thanks in advance mike


I'd have them in a heartbeat if I didn't live in Ireland aspiotis! :eek::)

Mike, I'm generally pretty useless as a club member.
Post when I have a problem and then disappear
Anyway, to further reinforce this description I had no idea about the Castle Coombe meeting tomorrow - and I live about 20 mins away!
I plan to get there if I can for a very brief visit around midday No need for a pass as I'll get a ticket at the gate

Do you know of any member who could use a set of 4 x 6 spoke 17s in v. good nick with decent rubber all round.
I plan on bringing them if I can fit with the seats down
Also a near side headlamp unit. Also pretty good nick
f.o.c. for a good homeView attachment 44472