Audi Tradition. Open for orders. Please read it all !


AT order timeline and details.

It will work best for hard to find trim, clips, brackets etc. rather than big heavy metal items or large and light things.

Orders with me by pm, latest 24th May. Order placed and paid for by me in Germany and sent to the UK after the Scottish A2 trip.

How it works:

1. Find the bits you want via either stating AT or Audi Genuine Parts:

2. Send the EXACT part numbers to me by pm, you could go through the order process and take a screenshot if you like. I compile the orders, place and receive them. I check in Germany all is OK, bundle these so it’s easier for @Proghound , then post to him in the UK. He then unbundles and posts individual orders.

If you are happy with this, place an order with me here in Germany via pm's only please and include an email. I’ll email you a confirmation and my pp details rather than post up on the forum. A bit Tinfoil Hat but less public.

Be very clear on part numbers as I will order exactly what you tell me. I can't search for your part number, you need to do this and be confident in what you want.

If you order something, you own it... returns, as you can appreciate will be difficult. Check those part numbers!
Include a UK address, which @Proghound will use to post out from the UK. He will also ask to be reimbursed for UK postage.


I order in Germany, parts arrive 3 days later and I am invoiced. At this point I know the cost of each item and the total postage costs. I split into individual order costs and include a share of the total postage including to the UK.

I then pm each person who ordered with a total cost including the onward to UK postage which is typically €15 for a box of 120 x 60 x 60 and 5kg which is a lot of clips and trim parts!

In addition, @Proghound will need to be reimbursed for the UK section of postage to get individual orders out to you all. He may offer for you to collect but that's in his gift.

Any order not paid for, will be returned by me in Germany before sending to UK
Any parts paid for but not delivered to me in Germany will be refunded.

I think that’s it. Please be patient, it's our first shot at this (but it worked on for a smaller bundled order last time !


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Rick & Ian,

Thank you both immensely, I have a few small parts I would like to order so I'll be in touch about those soon.


Apologies Proghound and Murdo, thanks.

(I have been away from the keyboard for a couple of days)

First two orders going in today, one large and one small. Both members have agreed to post directly to them so they won't need splitting in the UK

Many thanks