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Morning everyone.. beautiful day here in Germanys Black Forest...
Forgive me if you already know this.

Audi Tradition has just undergone an update/upgrade and its working well now. What has also happened is changes to payments and they seem to be able to take PayPal and credit cards. Well, they can from Germany now where I couldn't previously use a German bank or credit card. I have lost my "account status" where I could be issued an invoice then pay afterwards. This sort of makes sense as they get paid upfront and don't have to process an invoice payment or chase people who don't pay (not me, btw thanks to everyone here being prompt).

It's also clear about postage too on the site too and some other details.

So a few changes. I think Crewe Audi via here also help with parts but if there is something you are looking for and I can help let me know. I think there are still savings to be made for OEM parts via postage and the system we have been using seems to work well.

That's it! Stay sane and please, no bleach....



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No but I do think sometimes the dealers use AT BUT only when they have a multiple order. Perhaps that is what the dealers mean when they say part is "on back order"
Audi Leeds took my order and then have to send it to some central person who deals with Tradition. Came back and said site is down, it isn't so still a bit of a mystery


Its showing €116 shipping to me in Germany which is, frankly, nuts.
I see on Ebay its possible to ship two front seats and a row of 3 rear seats on a pallet across Germany for under €100...
Plus this new site has wiped my passwords....

Roughly what I thought. If AT have the part you want why not just order direct with them?

Well yes, but the savings come from a group order splitting the postage.... as someone said, 2 roof linings are the same price post. Savings!

If I do come over as planned with a car, I'll give a heads up and then I'll fill it with stuff, as done previously.

I need to get my login's sorted first.