Bespoke Branded Footwell Mats Group Order

Hello all,

I thought I'd move the list to the very start of the thread for easier viewing.

Here's the list below which will be updated periodically to show you the I have captured your interest. I'll revise the list over the next few days to ensure its fit for purpose but this should suffice for now:

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 04.42.37.png

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 04.37.19.png

As you've come to understand from pervious dealings, this Group Order is of course yet another zero profit venture. I'll be paying exactly the same for my mats that you are for yours. My time working in the background for you is free of charge, a way of giving back to the community I both enjoy and serve.

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Evening all,

With recent group orders complete I am now turning my attention to understanding if there is a demand for a set of A2OC branded footwell mats. I'll only be using the best possible quality for comfort and longevity, so this might not be the cheapest venture.

Ive been after a set of these for years after seeing a picture of set here somewhere on the Forum. This is what they looked like from the Group order back in 2015:


These do look great but are no longer available as the original supplier is no longer trading. I had to therefore approach an alternative supplier and have found quite a few who are willing to help. The top contender so far is I've received a fantastic response from them and have been going through the details with their customer services for the last 2 months, I'm now armed with enough details to share to understand if this is something that's of interest which I should continue with.

As you can see, the above mats are sporting the previous A2OC Logo and I would be having the latest Logo added:

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 20.47.08.png

Here's an idea of what they will look like (photoshop only at this time):

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 20.53.32.png

There will also be a complete colour chart for you to choose from so don't be put off by the red trimmed anthracite mat above. The choice of what colour you receive can be totally customised by your good selves.

Here’s another image of the previous run on a darker mat, which I think you'll agree looks a little better on the eye, of course with the latest Club Logo added:

photo 2.JPG

The supplier I have chosen will be providing our Club Logo embroidered onto a backing cloth/swatch which will be sewn onto the mats, fronts only but can also be added to the rears for an additional charge.

After engaging with many different suppliers I have decided to stick with who have provided the best response so far. I'd be very interested in anyones views on their products if you've used them before, more so about longevity.

So what are they offering to us as a community? Before I dive into the costs I think you need to see which of their offerings I'm proposing. I have chosen their Super Deluxe set of 4 mats. These are their premium quality carpeted mats and can be customised to your choice.

Super Deluxe £49.90 (price increased to £68.98 Jul 22):
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.53.47.png

Below are the carpet colours options available (beige, black and grey) along with the perimeter trim colour option (£3 for non standard). These mats come with a free carpeted heel pad but an optional rubber heel pad can be chosen for an additional £5.
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.37.53.png

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.38.09.png

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.38.24.png

Should this group order move forward then all of the above colour options are available to you. Your mats will be produced direct from your choices based on the above options.

If you’re wanting to understand what colour options might look best to your eye and suit your A2 then you can use the website link above and play with the choices as it'll update the picture of the mats in the first picture in this post.

Once you've had a play with the options available you'll quickly understand that the mats cost between £50 and £60 which is without the Club Logo. I'll go into the deal that this supplier has offered us in the next post.

Kind regards,

Hello again,

Now you've seen the idea above and which supplier I propose to work with on this, I guess its time to talk numbers. You should have seen the cost of the mats above but if not here they are:

£50.00 - Super Deluxe Mats
£03.00 - Perimeter trim colour of your choice

£53.00 - Total (minus the embroidered logo)

Simply Car Mats have offered us the following discounts:

1. 35% off if we order 30+ sets bringing the total down to £32.50
2. Trim edging not the same colour as the carpeted mat id an additional £3.00

Clearly trying to get to the dizzy heights of 30 or more sets is an incredible discount.

They are unable to discount the embroidered logo swatches though. The cost of the embroidered logos are:

1. £9.00 (inc VAT) per swatch so £18 for both fronts to have the logo.
2. There is a one off set up fee for the embroidery design at £60 (inc VAT)

The easy way to share the template set up fee is to add it to each embroidered logo swatch. Should we get interest of 30 sets, each with 2x logos on the front mats then this would simply be £2.00 added to the total to make this set up fee disappear. Hope that makes sense.

There is also a delivery charge from the supplier to me which I have discussed with them at length to see what else is possible. The short answer is, for us to obtain the above discount then they will treat it as a trade order and send to just 1 address. To send your mats direct to you would mean that you don't receive any discount.

The delivery from the suppliers to me is £5.95 per 5 sets which will also have to be included into the final price. Based on reaching 38 sets this works out at 6x delivery fees totalling £47.60, This would be shared across all 38 set meaning that just £1.26 would also be added.

I know this is quite long winded and I'm not the bast at explaining things so heres a simplified version of costings.

Based on 1 set at the 35% discount:
£32.50 - Super Deluxe Mats
£03.00 - Non standard edging trim
£20.00 - Embroidered logos front mats only (£18 + £2 set up fee)
£01.26 - Delivery to me for onward dispatch

£53.76 - Total delivered to me in Coalville with edging trim the same colour as the mats
£56.76 - Total delivered to me in Coalville with contrasting edging trim

Should this venture make it to fruition I'll be sending the mats out rolled up in a plastic bag via Hermes 2-5kg, 2-3 day service.

Heres the bags from Amazon:
Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 17.25.10.png

The £15.56 is for 50 bags which will leave a few left over but needs to be added to the overall cost so I'm not left out of pocket. This would see packaging come in at 50p plus say 10p more for tape and additionally cardboard packaging, lets call it 60p.

Here is the EVRi service that I propose to use:

£6.36 for the 2-4 day service. Insurance is only up to £20 so this of course also needs to be considered. Currently unable to confirm the insurance cost as the EVRi website isn't working for me rough now but will update this post laster on once its fully functioning for me, I cannot see it being more that £2.00 but will come back to you.

Postage and packaging from me to you will be broken down as follows:

£0.60 - Packaging
£6.36 - Hermes delivery

£6.96 - total delivered to you in a few days (minus the optional £2.90 (with signature) insurance at £70)

Hopefully you're still with me and you haven't got a headache. I could have made it very simple but I wanted to be transparent about everything just as I have in the past.

With the mats delivered to me and forwarded onto you for footwell placements is:

Total without insurance comes in at: £60.72 (£63.72 with contrasting edging trim) Delivered to you, as usual my time working behind the scene, preparing your items for dispatch waiting in the Hermes queue is free of charge. Its my simple way of somehow giving back to the community that I love and serve. I fully appreciate that this is not the cheap solution that I have strived for previously but I have tried many different options and think this is the best package I’ve come across. Just add £2.90 for the insurance.

Kind regards,

Brilliant news Ian,

I've not even added the prices yet and you're already after a set. I'll build the list tomorrow which will include the various options available to us.

Kind regards,

Any chance of rubber ones??
Evening David,

Simply Car Mats supply rubber mats. The discount I've obtained so far is just for their Super Deluxe carpeted mats. I can ask for you though.

If you're after bespoke reproduction rubber factory looking mats then that venture hasn't started yet. It's still something I'm enquiring about with different UK suppliers. It doesn't look like cheap item to get into production so I may never get it off the ground. Should I get a quote below 4 figures one day then it will all be contained within its own thread.

Let me know what option you was thinking.

Kind regards,

Fabulous news Tom????????????? I shall order two sets before the weekend.
Morning Paul,

I’ll have the prices added in the next hour or 2. Looking forward to adding you to the list Sir.

Kind regards,

Morning Justin,

I’ll add the prices in the next hour or 2 but yes I’ll add you to the list. I’ll need a few more specifics regards colour but that can be worked out nearer the time of submitting the order. Welcome aboard this latest venture.

Kind regards,

Make mine with the heel pad please Tom ?
Hi Ian,

I'll update the list shortly Sir. Just added the prices into Post #3, not the cheapest of upgrades but feel the quality and finish will be worth it. Please do have a look at the perimeter trim options as there is no solid yellow option, its more of a yellow/black twisted effect trim.

Kind regards,

Can have a set please
Black with blue trim,logos on front ones,heel pad,delivered
Thank you
Regards Alan
Can have a set please
Black with blue trim,logos on front ones,heel pad,delivered
Thank you
Regards Alan
Afternoon Alan,

I'll add you to the list in a m,minute Sir. Thanks yo for your interest in this latest venture. I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the fresh looking footwell should I manage to get top production.

The list at Post #1 updated.

Kind regards,

Afternoon all,

For those of you who see the start of this thread last will have missed the pricing which is explained at Post #3. I only finished adding it a few minutes ago, apologies.

Please do keep your no obligation interest coming. This order will no be submitted until I have interested in the minimum order quantity of 30 sets, only at that point will I ask for funds to pay for the order over individual PMs. Please do not share any sensitive information on this open thread as I;ll get all I need over the payment PMs.

Kind regards,