Big thank you


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Hi A2 fans yvonne and myself would just like to say a big thank you to all of you that take time out of everyday life and attend the socials. We have been organising the socials for ten years now and we have been overwhelmed with how the social side of the club has grown. It’s fabulous to see you all have a good time and seeing the varied A2’s on show be it standard,modified,show car or daily driver.
This coming year we have already confirmed dates with the organisers for shows and also Murdo has been busy organising the fantastic Scottish social over a few days.
So merry Christmas and a fun filled new year to you all. Mike and yvonne
Merry Christmas Mike and Yvonne, you 2 do a fantastic job organising these great events I've enjoyed them very much and look forward to the coming year with relish. Thanks guys all the best Mark,Karen and Oliver.

Here's to 2019. ?


Thank you both for all the hard work you do organising these events. Maybe I can squeeze something in for Wales later in the year as well...but on a dry day this time :)


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Thank you Mike & Yvonne for all the work you do keeping the enthusiasm going for the socials & welcoming new members. I've only managed to attend a few but they are always great events. Best wishes for 2019!



I've only attended Hilary's Yorkshire 'grand day out' events and they have been excellent. Hopefully there will be another in 2019.
So with Mike and Vonnie's ever growing list and Murdo's Scottish event, if A2 Steve has time to work his magic again, that's the whole country covered.

Cheers Spike


Happy Christmas everyone. Thanks so much for the amazing events. So many good friends and all held together by Mike and Yvonne. Wishing you all an A2 New Year full of fun. John Sheila and Barry XXX