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With the very talented skills of @TYP 8Z i’ve now got a mock up of how the car should look once done. I’ll be having the wheels from @Jellybean soon and the votex kit is on its way the week after next.

@JoshuA2 I hope you don’t mind me using your car as a base photo, if you do, please let me know and I’ll remove it.
Not at all a problem mate! Looking very nice havent been active on here in ages so just had a flick through some pics of your build so far. Safe to say i now want a set of 3sdm wheels in grey, rear diffuser fins and bonnet vents!!😂

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That's a mean machine! I think that if you come up behind a Porche Turbo, then it'll move over! Lovely paintwork .... WHAT a shine!



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Looks nice, I’ve been looking at this isn’t the space where the diesels would have an inter cooler not big enough?

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It’s the same size across the range so you could Definately use a TDI intercooler for it. I used this one because it was there 👍


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Managed to take it for a run tonight, had only done short journeys until now. Definately an improvement on the standard FSI.

Being such a small turbo it spool up very quickly, there’s no lag at all and the extra boost is there straight away. The negative of this is that it’s running out of puff at around 5k revs and you can feel that the small capacity turbo is then holding the car back rather than improving it. In reality though how often do people take their cars over 5k revs.

My aim of having this done was to give the FSI a little bit of extra kick to make it’s a quick car (note not a fast car). If I’d wanted a fast car then I would go out and buy one designed for the purpose. It’s most certainly achieved that goal.

I know it’s all pie in the sky because my comparison is with previously tuned TDI’s rather than a petrol which deliver their power in a different manner, but having had A2’s of various levels of tune over the last 5 years I’d say it’s quicker than a remapped 90 (so more than 115hp) but not as quick as my old TDI90 with 158hp.

So with the combined, larger brakes, coilover suspension and low pressure turbo setup I’ve gained an A2 that stops on a sixpence, handles very well and has enough go to be enjoyable.

But, as you know, a project is never finished so watch this space for more to come.

(the first of which will be blacking out those shiny chrome pipes at the front of the car).

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Pipework blacked out this morning and water drain issue sorted out under the bonnet with my dremmel. The coil packs should now stay dry in the rain
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