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Upgraded to heated black SE leather with electric lumber and map nets. They are not the sport seats I was waiting for but I’ll probably change just the fronts to MK1 TT ones when someone creates the brackets. For now though I’m happy.
I would be interested in these SE seats Steve if you do swap them out and decide to sell them 👍


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I’ve been gradually winding the boost controller up today and it’s now running 5.8psi on boost. It is now rather quick to be honest. Compatible with the TDI90 I had with 160hp. I doubt it’s making that much, it’s just that there’s less turbo lag so it gets going sooner than the TDI.

What is now very noticeable is the bang and chirping when I lift off the throttle from the pressurised air with no route of escape other than back down the turbo. Almost all modern turbo cars have a recirculation valve for this unspent pressure but with this being a bit of a Frankenstein system it doesn’t. I’ve just ordered a blow of valve (dump valve) to try to limit this effect.


Ok mate, I’ll keep that in mind. It would just be the fronts though?!
That's ok.

I would obviously prefer rear matching seats too if it's not a bench as mines a four seater but could probably source matching rears at some point.

I just really need some seats with lumbar as the standard SE seats are not doing my back any good.

Would appreciate first refusal if you do decide to sell 👍


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Thanks for the offer Paul, much appreciated, but it really doesn’t bother me as it stands, she was never meant to be a perfect oem car, just perfect for me 😊

It’s gone from being a potential end of life A2 to something that I’m very proud of. Will it upset the purists....most definitely, but lots of our cars are as unique as us and that’s half the fun.
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Am I right in seeing you have hooked an oil catch can up to the oil refill cap?

Do you just cap the hole that was going in past the MASS flow?

Looking wicked man!

Edit: MAF* 🤟
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No it’s a breather that’s returning to the turbo. We found that with the increased crankcase pressure it was blowing oil so needed another route to vent.

And yes, it’s now blanked at the MAF end.