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My eBay bargain coilovers arrived today. I took a punt on them because the seller said they had only been on the car for 6 months despite appearances. They were worth a go at the price and despite being dirty were in great nick.

Cleaned them up this afternoon and gave the main struts a lick of paint. New top mounts fitted and ready to be fitted next Monday.



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Good progress being made over the last couple of days, with a big thank you to @Hef

I managed to persuade Hef that it would be a great idea if he painted the votex kit for me. I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic, just something black and tidy.

I’ve only had a few snapshots so far but I’m very very impressed


Wet sanded

High build primer

Black base coat

Colour coat and then laquered

He’s also donated a set of fabia VRS hubs with callipers and carriers, so whilst the car is in having its coilovers fitted today/tomorrow it will also be having 288mm discs fitted.

@Birchall also donated a set of Heko wind deflectors and removable sunshades. 2 items that I wanted to add to the car to give it a more aggressive look. Thanks Steve
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Coilovers fitted, new drop links fitted, Fabia VRS 288mm Brake setup fitted.

Have also just fitted the wheels and a few other extras.

I’m over the moon with the way it’s currently looking but I’ll post photos once the votex kit is on.


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Well the bulk of the work is now done. It’s been a hectic 7 weeks but I think this is definitely a breaker reborn.

Hef dropped the finished kit off to me tonight and with the aid of PPE we were able to fit it too. He’s done a fantastic job of painting it!! I can’t thank him enough. To say I am happy with the way this car has turned out would be an understatement. It’s my favourite one so far.

Sorry, but this one is NOT FOR SALE 😁
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