Bleeding Webasto

Has anyone got any good tips for bleeding the coolant pipe feed to the Webasto. Mine is to the rear of the Webesto (AMF engine) and tucked under brake fluid reservoir. It seems impossible to get to...

We recently changed the Coolant during a cambelt service. The Webasto has never worked over the past couple of winters and I’m convinced there is an air lock in there....


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Not a Webasto expert, but you say it hasn't worked over the last couple of winters. Do you mean the Webasto fires up but you do not get hot water through the cooling system ( has to be below about 5C for the Webasto to fire up ), or do you mean the Webasto never fires up. Would have thought any trapped air has been vented by now.


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It can be reached with thin hands: I found I could get one finger from each hand around the bleed screw and very, very carefully undo it.

Mine needed to come completely out to allow it to bleed but it did release a lot of air. All the time I had the engine running and just held the plastic screw as above whilst this happens. It was a bit of a fiddle to get the screw back in but it was do-able. I have heard that some sausage-fingered people un-bolt the Webasto (still hooked up obviously) to enable slightly better access.

Anyway, well worth sticking with as mine certainly didn't want to self-bleed.


I managed to bleed mine after hearing that it might be necessary after a coolant change. As above^ two hands one finger from each hand. I ended up with blisters on the end of my two fingers after doing it though. A right angled flat screwdriver might be better.
I did nothing to fix the issue with my webasto heater though it has never fired up as long as I have had the car - over 10 years now - which reminds me I still have to get around to getting it out and having a good look at it.
One of these days...