Bluetooth drop out


Admin Team

The code I have used 0512727.
I have not managed to code the telephone module yet, as unable to find with VCDS.

Why do you have a 3 where I have a 1. Also I do not have PDC.

Morning Tom,

If you study the coding options above you’ll understand why I have a 3 where you have a 1.

I assumed you have Rear PDC from the initial coding you shared with us.

Things are now becoming very clear... You’ve said that this has been working for hands free calling. You also state you’ve never coded the BT Module as it’s never been picked up by VCDS. If you had explained this earlier in the thread then we could have saved some time.

As it’s never been coded due to VCDS not finding it, it is either the PnP harness (both that you have) or the BT Tel Module (again both of them).

Your problems is that you’re unable to code the BT Tel Module as VCDS is not picking it up. The reason why it sometimes works is the way it has been set up in the A3 where it originated. If you switch your ignition on, then disconnect the connector on the BT Tel Module, then plug it back in; it should work. This is probably because it’s set up with Diagnostics over CAN as it should be in the A3. The connection will eventually drop out. This is very easily resolved via coding but we need to get your Module to appear on VCDS first.

Trying to diagnose something over messages is difficult without pictures and full information. Can you share where you purchased the PnP harness from, if ebay, which seller. Also could you add some pictures for the PnP harness.

I do think this will be solvable if you was able to pop over to Coalville. You could also get booked in with Tom @timmus as he’s just released his June Leighton Buzzard trip dates.

Kind regards,