Bonnet Across Britain - the Journey


A2OC Donor
Bonnet is heading to Wales this weekend - thank you Steve Birchall

If you're lucky enough to be on A2Steve's fantastic scenic drive around the Welsh countryside, please take the opportunity to sign your username and make your mark on the historic Bonnet



Afternoon fellow A2’ers

It’s been almost 3 years since the bonnet set off on its travels around Britain. It’s currently in Midlothian but Murdo will be picking it up soon and bringing it back down country via Nottingham to Kent.

I’d really like to get the bonnet back to my garage, where it set off from 3 years ago. Whilst yes it could be posted, it would be great if it made its way back to me the same way it has travelled so far i.e from member to member.

Is there anyone who would be willing to meet Murdo somewhere along his travels at the end of next month, who could perhaps ferry it on its way closer to South Wales?


Admin Team
Steve, I'll be at the memorial in September and could collect it from Murdo there. I could bring it to you if your latest Cobalt end-of-life car yields any postage-unfriendly parts I'm still looking for.

Thanks Ian. The original concept was for the bonnet to be auctioned off for charity so for its return to Steve we need to amend that intention and also consider if anyone else wishes to participate in the UK convoy of the bonnet along the way.



After nearly 4 years, thousands of miles covered and more time spent in people’s dining rooms than on A2’s, the bonnet is back where it started. Thanks to @Special edition for dropping it off for me and keeping it safe inhis shed.

The oil based paint used for the signatures is looking a bit worse for wear so it may just be the service flap making an appearance at the next social.

Thanks to all those involved 😊