Can i use remote control with this comfort unit?


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Good morning!

Yesterday I finally managed to operate the remote control. Change the CCCU to one that you buy finished in AF and everything worked perfectly. I changed the coding for LHD, with remote and without alarm and then, memorized the remote control.

Without an antenna, the car opens and closes about 50cms from the door, which is enough for now until I can put the antenna on.

Thank you all!



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You welcome. I've done that couple weeks ago and know how much satisfaction it gives to do it yourself.
It is a hudge change when You have the remote central locking. Wish You all the best with your change.

If You need an advice with antena let me know. I,ve bought one from Germany but I think it could be done with just extending the wire You already have in Your plug.


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That's great to hear :)
Having the remote central locking is a huge change compare to unlocking with key.