CANCELLED 😞 Welsh Social, North Wales 24th May 2020 (Bank Holiday weekend).

Added to Calendar: 24-05-20, 25-05-20


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All of the Welsh Socials to date have been down south and for many years David @DJ 190 has suggested a trip up to North Wales because it has a lot to offer.

So, 2020 is going to be the North Wales trip.

Whilst I’ll be offering all the help I can to David in organising this, David will be the lead for this trip because he knows the area so well (I’ve never been to North Wales).

David has very kindly offered to host us all at his home in Flintshire, where he has a lawned garden that can hold around 30 A2’s. He’ll also be providing refreshments in the form of tea/coffee, toasted Henllan bread with special locally made marmalade and Bara Brith to finish.

His garden has an elevated viewpoint looking over the Wirral into Liverpool, Blackpool and right down the full length of the Wirral, past Parkgate.

Following the morning meet-up we would set off on a tour of North Wales

We'd drive via the A541 to Denbigh.

Then to Llyn Brenig where there's a monitored Osprey's nest.

llyn brenig.jpg

A543/A5 to Betys-y-coed for a lunch stop.


Then A543 on to A4086, the pass of Llanberis.

llanberis pass.jpg

Then over the new Menai bridge and on to Beaumaris Castle


Return via the original Menai bridge.

David has informed me that there’s plenty of local accommodation very close to the starting point. There's the Premier Inn at Rhudllan and many others close by.

As mentioned above, David will be organising this trip, but I wanted to open the leading thread because for the last 3 years I’ve been organising the Welsh trips and so wanted to acknowledge the handover for this one.

So, if you'd like to come along, please post here, or message David via PM.


I am keen to join in. Currently doing the A5 journey through Snowdonia every 2 weeks and it is a joy come rain or shine in the A2. Suggest a stop off for a picture at Surf Snowdonia near Bangor. It's a former aluminium works (hence link) that has had its former cooling reservoir turned into a fantastic surf resort. Or we can trace a rally strange through the Brennig Forrest near Denbigh.
What a superb idea for a tour in beautiful North Wales! :D
I know North Wales very well but haven't been back since nan passed so thats well over 2 years now. I've got withdrawal symptoms and need an injection of the place and the destinations mentioned above, so we're in for sure on this one.πŸ‘

Darren C

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North Wales is beautiful and thanks to having relatives in Bangor and Anglesey, this was my regular holiday destination as a youngster. I've been to Beaumaris Castle, over Menai bridge and to the majority of other points of interest listed many times.

I've added an RSVP to the thread so that those interested can register and make it easier for David and Steve to keep tabs on who is going.

Thanks for leading gents, great to have such a fabulous location on next years calendar already.


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Excellent to see this posted up and many thanks to Steve and David for organising and hospitality. Looking forward to it already!

It's been some time since I was up that way, I do remember it as being completely beautiful on a sunny day. Count me in for sure, possibly the family will come along for the ride too. Given a dry weekend we'll be in the Storm :D

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We have pre booked two nights in The Premier Inn in Rhudllan for Sat 23rd May and Sun 24th May....may even have a night in Chester on Friday the 22nd and make it into a long weekend. πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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Wow! There's quite some interest, already! My aim is to make this a truly memorable event for all! I know the area so well and although I've visited these places many, many times, I still never tire of them! You're in for a real treat!
I've noticed that a member has already booked at the Premier Inn .... Well here's another superb place only a few minutes from my home : It's a Grade 11 listed, 18th Century Hotel with style and character. Lovely food and facilities. I use it a lot! There's parking for all here at my home and it will be great to see you. Maybe you won't want to leave? :)



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We have pre booked two nights in The Premier Inn in Rhudllan for Sat 23rd May and Sun 24th May....may even have a night in Chester on Friday the 22nd and make it into a long weekend. πŸ‘πŸ˜€
Made the same hotel booking here. Floating the idea of this social past Lynette this evening, it may be too close to the start of Elise's GCSE's. I should find out soon, once the exam timetable is consulted. I do hope we can all come!


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Well it's about time I got myself to a major meet up like this, due to work commitments and distance I've had to shy away but this looks very tempting.
I will reserve saying I will be there until nearer the time, be nice for frankie to visit his birthplace although in the north of Wales.

DJ 190

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It's early days, yet, (really early!), but I'm hoping that certain "key" A2OC members will be able to attend! These are people who I admire and I'd feel sad if I couldn't offer them my hospitality. I'm sure that I don't need to name them ....



Count me in for some of it, maybe not all sadly, work commitments may get in the way.
looks like I may have to start putting some elbow grease into making Jack shine again....damn it!