Changing Battery TDi 90


Only had the A2 a few weeks an the recent cold weather has slowed down the start up. The car starts fine but the starter seems to stall when first engaging.
Think I've got to face the inevitable and change the battery but do I need to bridge to current battery to ensure I retain the engine and radio codes ?


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No need to bridge the battery for the radio. You MAY need to resync your remote control keys though. This has been covered fairly recently in the forum, but I can't remember exactly where. It's not really difficult, 5 minute job and DIY.


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Bridging shouldn't be required though it's impossible to be 100% certain. Ultimately not the point though replacement codes are quick and easy to obtain on eBay for a few pounds(radio serial number required).


In a sample of one (me, doing this just recently), it was a straightforward job. Battery disconnected, taken out then a new one in. Everything worked, no coding needed. The battery was under £100

The hardest bit I prepared for was releasing the battery...but fortunately, I had access to the clamp bolt without dissembling the battery tray. Info for this is on here with a search.


Before you buy a new battery, get it tested to prove that is the problem. My starter is also slow to start, but the battery is fine. I either have a poor connection to the starter, or the starter itself is starting to give up ....


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Thanks Brett,

It's an original Concert 2 with 6 auto changer so can I take it it's ok to change the battery without bridging ..?


Yes, no problem with radio code being lost as your car 2004. The radio remembers the VIN of the car it was last in and on reconnection checks the VIN. If the same VIN it turns on normally otherwise asks for the code.



Borrowed a code saver from an auto electrician which fits into the diagnostics plug and takes power from a jump starter socket. Brilliant !
Ordered one on Amazon for £9.
Plug in and do what you want while the battery is disconnected.