Clutch alignment tool T10086?


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I´m about to replace the clutch on my 1.4 petrol, and what I can see the alignment tool is different than on the diesel.
Anyone who knows if it is the same with petrol that the hole in engine side is 0.6mm larger than clutch spline? Or will it work fine with a uniform rod of some sort?
If so, is there anyone who knows the diameter of the tool? I was thinking about 3d printing my own toll if it is just a uniform rod.


I made a clutch aligning tool for the petrol some years ago
Yea the hole in the fly wheel is 0.6 mm larger in diameter than the splines in the spinner plate
I used two turns of photo copier paper wrapped around the tool after it was passed through the spinner plate
Once the cover was bolted into place withdraw the tool and using a pair of long nose pliers remove the paper sleeve
Gearbox matted to engine perfectly so the alignment was spot on
Used this numerous times

From memory the tdi is a different size and I just made a tool to suit it when I changed my tdi clutches


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I can quite wrap my head around how this tool will work based on how it looks compared to the one for the diesel:


The tool looks like a simle rod? If it´s 0.6 bigger in one end, how would you get it out of the splines?

Compared to the diesel one: