Dismantling wiper arm?


Between all of the members of this forum i'm sure every bit of the A2 has probably been taken apart bolt by bolt (and put back together again). . . so i'd just like to know if it is possible to separate the plastic housing at the business end of the wiper arm (early arm as opposed to the newer aero arm if that makes any difference?) without breaking it. I have an idea to mod the end to accommodate the pin type aero blades rather than the hook type but would like it to look as OE as possible, hence the reason for removing the plastic housing rather than cobbling a join that will be seen on the hook section. Any advice would be great!





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When I took my wiper arm apart, in order to stop it being so floppy that it scraped on the windscreen, I just prized the bit you are talking about apart, using a small screwdriver.

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Cheers Get! :p I guess i was just looking for confirmation before i got handy with a screwdriver. I suppose it was a bit of a dumb question having had no responses? :eek:
I did try to prize it apart with my hands but didn't seem as though it wanted to give at all without a breakage of some sort (which i want to avoid at all costs). I'm going to get on it today sometime (with a bit more force though). . . thanks again. :D



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Между всеми участниками этого форума я уверен, что каждая часть A2, вероятно, была разобрана болтом за болтом (и снова собрана вместе). . . поэтому я просто хотел бы знать, можно ли отделить пластиковый корпус на рабочем конце рычага стеклоочистителя (ранний рычаг в отличие от нового аэродинамического рычага, если это имеет какое-либо значение?), не ломая его. У меня есть идея модифицировать конец так, чтобы он соответствовал аэродинамическим лопастям штифтового типа, а не крючковому типу, но я бы хотел, чтобы он выглядел как можно более оригинально, отсюда и причина для снятия пластикового корпуса, а не для брусчатки секция крючка. Любой совет будет полезен!

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What is the part number highlighted in the photo?