Door lock issues


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Door open microswitches do not tend to have the dry joint problem. They are either covered in grease / gunk. The little rubber gaiter on top of the switch has broken or the metal cam that operates it has flaking coating that either jams the microswitch or is not there to operate it.

But same as the lock / unlock microswitches it is a door lock off the car job to either repair or replace the unit.


So I definitely have to open the door and change unit ? I have read it not a nice job. Somebody suggest to remove windows frame while Audi manual says that is possible to replace it without removing windows frame.

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Yes need the door open, the door card off and the inner door panel with the door controller / window motor and the looms unclipped from the inner panel. It may be possible to remove the lock assembly without removing the upper glass frame but I always remove the upper frame. Before you remove the 4 locating bolts for the upper frame mark around those locations with with either white paint or tipp-ex to give you the fitting location on reassembly. disconnect the lock loom before you liftout the upper frame. Disconnect the external door handle from the lock then finally you can remove the fasteners that secure the lock to the rear face of the door and remove it from the door frame. Refitting is the reverse, remember to connect the exterior door handle and the loom for the door lock. Refit upper frame to the premarked location and reassemble the rest.

I would allow yourself 3-4 hours to complete the job assuming you have a good replacement lock to swap straight back in. If repairing existing lock add 1-1/2 hours again, so easier to fit a replacement then play with the original lock once everything is working.

Another reason to just swap the lock is the strip is still fresh in your memory so rebuild is more straight forward. Either way take some pictures just to use a pointers in the reassembly especially how the wiring is routed.
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