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The EMS light has been on/off intermittently on my 02 A2 1.4 petrol, it shows a problem with the EGR valve - I’m sure this has already been replaced in the past, would there be any benefit from having it cleaned before I fork out for a new one? Just don’t want to keep going round in expensive circles.

Any advice welcome.

Thank you


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Have a full VCDS scan done on the car to see what faults there are especially regarding the EGR valve.


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Good Evening,

Be warned some, not all, will charge a non trivial sum for a VCDS scan. Very much depends on where you are in Somerset but you may be near two members on the Free Scan Register, have a look

There is also a well known member in Somerset I can approach on you behalf but I am not sure if in a position to offer a scan.

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I had a same issue when I bought my A2.
Do you have any friend who is mechanic?

Good job my mate is a mechinc.
He pluged in and it tells you need new EGR valve. Once it is faulty, you cannot refurb/clean them.
I bought mine from ebay for £26.42 and I replaced it myself. Then drove back to my mate's garage and he deleted error code.


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Assuming you have a laptop running Windows XP - Windows 10 you are probably better to download VCDS Lite and either buy an ebay KKL cable or the Gendan cable that was recently on offer. That way you can do all the scans you want / need, become familiar with the software and gain more from your A2 ownership. Possibly cheaper than a garage scan unless they include it if the do more work - but check the prices first.