End of the year evening meal 2019

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Event date: Saturday 2019-11-16
Registration ends: Wednesday 2019-11-13
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a2sumo a2sumo 1  
Proghound Proghound 1 Jjust me
den's a2 den's a2 1 Just me
A2 Louis A2 Louis 2  
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
SheilaJohn SheilaJohn 1 Barry is looking forward to seeing all his A2 friends and so am I. You are all so special. XXX friends again. Sheila is looking forward to hugs all round.
Teresa Teresa 1  
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 1 Just me
PlasticMac PlasticMac 2 First A2OC Event!
wills wills 2  
robin robin 2 How can i refuse as its on my doorstep, thanks sumo
J Jeffers66 2 No A2 this time so will be in the TT again.
ajsellors ajsellors 1  
Edwrai Edwrai 1  
Vorsprung durch Technik Vorsprung durch Technik 3  
D DJ 190 1  
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sciroccorrado sciroccorrado 2 Maybe 1 extra, but I'm not counting on it ;)


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Hi all you A2 fans. Its that time of the year we start thinking of our ever popular evening meal. With great feed back from the membership we will be returning to the Duet Cuisine in Birmingham
https://duet-cuisine.business.site Knowing not everyone enjoys a curry this place also offers italian cuisine win win

The date for your diaries is saturday 16th November. Tables are booked for 19.00

The Fort Dunlop location is easy to find and offers plenty of secure parking - on the same site is a Travelodge with good priced rooms
https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/304/Birmingham-Fort-Dunlop-hotel?WT.tsrc=GHA_Organic&utm_campaign=GHA_Birmingham Fort Dunlop&utm_medium=GHA_Organic&utm_source=google

So make an evening of it and enjoy a drink or three ?
A nice and spacious restaurant with easy access. The club has had a good few great nights here over the years, so even if you haven't been to this or any other of the clubs socials why not join us.


Many thanks mike and yvonne


Very sad to have to miss this, because of work. Sounds a lovely evening and I was looking forward to meet some members "off-line" also! Have fun everyone, and see you at the next event hopefully!


Admin Team
Just me and Lynette in our party now, Lynette may yet stay home too as Elise is babysitting for a friend. Won't be staying at the hotel either way so will have to watch it on the Kingfisher :D


Admin Team
Bit of a bump to remind anyone who is thinking of coming along but not confirmed yet. Please register above and say how many in your party by the end of Tuesday, so @a2sumo can book the right number of places at the restaurant.

I'm coming on my own now as Lynette will be unfortunately be staying here as backup for Elise who's babysitting. But it's not all bad - that means I can hang around and chat/admire cars etc. as long as I like ;) Looking forward to it!
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Just a week to go to the end of year social --looking forward to seeing you all. Thanks for adding your names and please let me know if your unable to attend. cheers mike and yvonne
Really looking forward to seeing you all. Can you please bring that recipe for me? I need to get cooking...! XXX