End of year evening meal 2018

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Event date: Saturday 2018-11-10
Registration ends: Saturday 2018-11-03
Maximum: 25
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a2sumo a2sumo 1 Rude not to
KekseKaempfer KekseKaempfer 1  
Vorsprung durch Technik Vorsprung durch Technik 3  
robin robin 2 Just up the road so why not--lets hope maddy makes it
Teresa Teresa 1  
Proghound Proghound 1 Just me.
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
wills wills 2  
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 1  
SheilaJohn SheilaJohn 2 Really looking forward to seeing you all!
ajsellors ajsellors 1  


A2OC Donor
Well after a very windy and slightly moist ADI show where we met a few new members that are keen to join us regular social attendees for more A2 fun ---means we need to organise the end of year evening meal.
Duet cuisine has been a firm favourite with us all for a few years so we are returning again on the 10th november at 7.00pm
see below for their website

The duet is situated on the Fort Dunlop site next to the Jaguar factory in Birmingham its easy to find and offers a Travelodge in the same building with secure parking.
https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/304/Birmingham-Fort-Dunlop-hotel?WT.tsrc=GHA_Organic&utm_campaign=GHA_Birmingham Fort Dunlop&utm_medium=GHA_Organic&utm_source=google

The food is very nice offering both italian and indian and even a fusion of the two !


Please add your name to the RSVP and how many are with you ie partner, kids or friends etc

We often spend some time browsing at the cars beforehand weather permitting.
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Gutted was going to come to this but I am away in the canaries that week.... maybe next year

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Dads Taxi

The thought of good company in conjunction with Bruschetta Poppadoms and Chicken Tikka Lasagne is certainly very attractive but unfortunately I am unable to attend!



put me down for the meal please. I've added my name to the list and will be booking the hotel shortly.




I came along last year and it was good fun, put me on the list for next week!

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Admin Team
Sorry to hear that Darren, I was looking forward to seeing you all again. Roll on Scotland next year, if not another event before then!


A2OC Donor
So you lovely lot of A2 fans the table is confirmed for 7.00pm but weather permitting we usually enjoy a chat whilst viewing the cars so i would say from about 6pm we will gather in the car park. Those that haven't been before to the fort dunlop site and the duet--the eatery is located at the far right end of the building - so we park in the secure parking opposite where there is plenty of space. Drive safe and ill see you on saturday cheers mike and yvonne


Cheers fella I’ll bring the yellow one this year to keep your company!

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4 hours and this will sadly be my last trip to see you guys in an A2 (for the moment).
You'll have to put up with me as an Alumni in future. Tagging along with my newfangled electric nonsense.