Engine revs high only when changing to 5th gear


I haven’t had much experience of slipping clutches - I had a Peugeot which dropped the clutch to the floor and stayed there a week after I bought it. Also a Fiat which slipped continuously in 1st 2nd and 3rd. Both of these were obvious clutch issues. (The fairy liquid bottle I found zip tied to the Peugeot’s gearbox was a very good indication!)

This problem started yesterday and has only happened 3 times. First time I thought it was just me but then twice today - revs rise up as if accelerator was floored but it only seems to happen when changing into 5th at higher revs well above 2000rpm. If I change up to 5th carefully at 2000rpm or less its fine.

Reading around it could be any number of things from egr to abs sensor. Has anybody experienced this and could the symptoms really only be a clutch issue?


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If your clutch was going to slip, in 5th with some welly is exactly where you'd expect to find it happening. That gives you the maximum torque differential between the resistance to acceleration due to high gearing and the aero drag (and other frictions) on the car, and the output from the engine trying to accelerate it. It's too much for the clutch to transfer to the wheels so it just slips with the engine revs. You haven't mentioned a gradient but uphill would make it even more likely since the resistance to acceleration is greater with the gradient. As the clutch wears out further, it will slip more easily and happen in progressively lower gears too.


Thank you, time to price up a new clutch. 144k -it’s probably still on it’s first amazingly. I wonder how long before it goes altogether, at least it’s only just beginning to go so gives me more time.
I will take note of gradients to confirm 100% 👍🏻


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same problem 1 month ago .... 1.4 TDI 66KW ... problem started on Highway on 5. gear.... after changing clutch is all OK and clutch paddle is more softly also...