Freedom in my A2!

Damian Bond

A2OC Donor
Hello it’s been a couple of weeks since I passed my test in my A2! Since then I’ve done almost 2000 miles. there’s been a few hiccups with electrics. First it was the oil level sensor light, then abs light came on once for 10 minutes about a week ago, then the rear passenger side brake light stopped working even after changing the bulb. It’s booked in at dialynx Audi specialist for the 23rd so fingers crossed it’s a brake light switch or something small. I’ve massively fallen in love with my A2 and would like to thank people on here for the warm welcome and the help given to me.
I live in Gloucestershire and surprisingly see at least one other A2 around every other day! Been flashed in Cirencester by a silver A2 a couple of days back.