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Attached something never before available to my knowledge¹, a VCDS label file for the FSI ECU in English.

This post applies to all varieties of VCDS, "full", unregistered Lite (within its limitations) and registered Lite.

Prior to this point the text that appears with FSI VCDS ECU Measuring and Basic Settings groups is generated by VCDS on a best guess basis, and while correct is often vague and not very helpful. This new label file improves matters, for example

Existing Default


With this new label file.


This new label file is not original but a translation of a German file kindly provided by Ross-Tech and sourced by Mac (@PlasticMac ) - thanks and for the continued translation support. Special thanks to Seb (@Seb_Gurkyh ) with translation without whom there would have be major blunders as well as nuances of subtle meanings that would have been lost and missed fine detail.

Attached is Revision 1.00, check occasionally for later revisions which will always be attached to this post #1. Use at your own risk.

Whilst a large number of work hours has been put into this label file it is still very much a work in progress. With limited familiarity of many groups only a few groups have been customised, contributions are welcome, post suggestions below or any other general comments.


Download Instructions (Assumes basic Windows skills)

1. Download the attached file

2. Critical. Change the file type of the download file from txt to lbl, ignore the subsequent Windows warning, I have to click 'Yes' to force the change. The file should now have a name of 036-906-013-BAD.lbl

2. Move or place a copy of this renamed file in the VCDS label files subfolder. This is normally found by C:>Ross-Tech>VCDS>Labels.

The file will now always load automatically² with VCDS which can be checked by starting VCDS, navigating to Measuring Blocks (08) after Select>Engine and viewing group 142 - it should match the above screenshot.

¹ This statement was true 4 weeks ago at time of draft - See post 3!.
² If subsequently you wish to stop using this label file delete 036-906-013-BAD.lbl in the VCDs subfolder.


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This post applies only to "full" VCDS users.

Be aware, out of the blue after all these years, lo and behold Ross Tech have now provided an 'official' label file for the FSI ECU. Ross Tech are familiar with of our work;).

If you wish to use the new Ross Tech label file it currently comes in the form of a VCDS update and employs standard 'speak' and format and I assume it will be incorporated into future releases of VCDS.

If subsequently you wish to revert to using our label file simply follow the Loading Instructions in post 1.

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This post originally for Lite users is now obsolete and overridden by post 4 but left for the record.

Unfortunately our label file would not initially work with VCDS Lite, VCDS crashed. Ross-Tech have now stated they will offer no further support to fix the problem on the grounds VCDS Lite is an "as is" product and is not updated.

However our label file is now working in part and will be released shortly as soon as investigation, primarily by Mac, is complete. Expect an announcement and post 1 will be amended to include Lite users in some form.

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Good news for VCDS Lite users. The label file download available in post 1 now works for Lite users (both unregistered registered) and has been tested by Mac(@PlasticMac).

Simply follow the Download Instructions in the amended post 1 if you wish to use it.

Which VCDS Measuring Group do I monitor that may help me fix my fault?

Two aids to help you choose, a pictorial aid described here and a later one by Mac.

The pictorial aid shows the content of every VCDS Measuring Group, for the FSI BAD engine, such as Groups 4, 5, & 6, what you get as you see it on screen.


(Note all screens are shown with the engine off, often resulting in 'dull' values but that is not the point here.)

(Love the altitude correction!)

Another useful feature is so called 'bubble' text. When using these VCDS screens placing the cursor over a Value box will often give further information in terms of a pop-up window such as


All club members can access this aid via 'Media' in the main forum bar.

Club screen.png

Alternatively follow this link...

Just a note about installing. I'm running release 311-2 (a full version from the dark ages) using an ebay cable. I had to take the -BAD off of the label file to get it to work, but work it does.
Good Evening,

Thank you for this it will alert other members who might be in a similar situation.

I have no idea why but guess the rules about how VCDS searches for an applicable label file changed at some point after the release of your early version.

For reference the current rules.