Good morning A2 family


Yesterday was my first day on the forum and it was lovely to be so nicely welcomed and received.

So much info and support straight off the bat!

I can see that I will enjoy A2 ownership and being in this community.

Have a great day, and hopefully it includes A2 tinkering and polishing.




Admin Team
This community is one of the very best things about A2 ownership 👍 So many people have said in the past this site is like no other car forum.

Beware, the combination of the amazing little car and the community around it is HIGHLY addictive. I'm now juggling three of the little beasties, all specced up to the nines and work is still in progress on all of them :oops: I'm sure if it wasn't for this club, if I hadn't already given up on the idea of a practical and handy spare car to play with, I'd still only have my first one. As I say to many new members at about this stage, "you have been warned!" :D