Grab Handle Torx Bolts.


A2OC Donor
My A2 came without a OSF grab handle. Having the twist interior, it has taken a while to obtain one but last week I managed it on ebay at a reasonable price. The handle arrived without bolts, so I contacted the local dealer and obtained two for £2.11! I now have a nice looking handle where there were two ugly holes!

What came out of this experience was that the man said that I had taken two out of the last three bolts available and that they were being discontinued this month. They are M5/55 Torx bolts and have what I can only describe as a rounded end so that they can be wound in blind without cross threading. A 60mm would be too long and a 50mm might not reach. My research seems to indicate that 55mm is not common.

I asked him about a new window switch for front passenger and he informed me that the switch was available but the twist surround was discontinued in 2017.

Just a heads up people....