help,'stuck' rear bumper


Dear gurus,
I seem to be doing something wrong.

Ive purchased a pair of rear 'air vents' to sort out the damp boot.
ive watched the you tube video and read all the excellent how to postings.
I removed the black trim and screws,
i removed the bottom screws.
I removed the rear wheel placing the rear on axle stands,
pulled back the inner wheel arch protectors to reveal the 3 screws near to the wheel arch.
I used a thin plastic tool to prize the bumper free at the body and wheel arch connections.
It was here where the bumper just seemed stuck,
it felt as though still attached somewhere around the wheel arch area.
I looked further in the inner wheel arch well and found another 3 screws further inward,so removed these too.
The more i tried to free and manipulate it the more i felt something was going to get damaged.

i had somewhere to get to later on that day so re installed it all and tried to get my head around what i had missed on.
Well a week later still no wiser.
any ideas where ive gone wrong?
i feel a bit of a numpty but i dont want to be beaten by it.
many thanks for taking the time to read.


Admin Team
I've had a few rear bumpers off, and it certainly sounds like you've done everything. I did have one that seemed to want half the rear wheel arch to be removed on one side in order for it to let go. I suspect a little more wrangling would have got you there.


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re the reference article, I did not need to remove the tail lights.

I did remove the wrong screws inside the wheel arch and struggled until I realised what I had done and then it almost fell off.

Sometimes the vents themselves don't fail but it is the seal around them where they fix to the body. When I had my bumper off I added some Dow Corning 781 sealer - sorry can't find the photo.

Sometimes they do fail, see

This thread might help. Has a link to a Youtube video

Photos below might help locate the lugs and screws.

Offside corner mount on body with ruler lr.jpg Offise bumper with locating holes lr.jpg Offside bumper both fasterners lr.jpg