Heu - Misano Colour Storm TDi 75, OSS


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This evening I managed to get home from work early enough to crack on with the machine polishing, fearing I may not have much time tomorrow I wanted to get a head start. The rear upper panel was already prepped for machine polishing, I had bought some Gtechniq Panel Wipe to try so after a quick spray and wipe down I made a start on the 3 stage machine polishing.

Panel Wipe, a couple of pads, cutting and finishing and some tape. Polishes were Menzerna, Heavy cut, Medium cut and 3800 Finishing.


I'll try not to geek out too much here but on the right of the panel, next to the Specular highlight you can see the swirls and marks to the paint. They're not always immediately obvious but they really affect how the panel looks, how it reflects/refracts light etc. Machine polishing removes these defects from the clear coat.


You can see how much better the paint 'pops' and the metallic (Misano is a lovely metallic colour when dressed right) jumps out in the light.

At this point I got all excited and after a Panel Wipe down measured and masked up for fitting my new Audi badge

There was also tape at the sides to give an exact area and it was double checked with a spirit level!

New badge fitted and it just a little thing but I love that there are no defects between the Audi rings

The final result...

Over the moon to say the least! 😍 (Not bad for a phone camera either!)

That's all for now. Sorry for these lengthy updates with lots of pictures/words. Selfishly it's for my own enjoyment as much as sharing, I love reading back through it and seeing the progress.
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