How about a Buying an A2 wiki?


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UPDATE: Murdo created this buyer's guide back in 2015

I've noticed over the last year or so, lots of new A2 owners joining A2OC. My guess is this is due to the low price of many A2s. But many of these need lots of mechanical work even though the car may on the surface look very good (due to Audi paintwork, aluminium body and quality interiors). This means the A2 is attractive to those on a budget, especially the TDis with their regular 60+mpg or the FSi with their higher performance (more bangs per buck).

Maybe we should have a section on Buying an A2. It could be split into different topics, each a thread, say:

Intro of the models and the main changes over the years (e.g. cast to steel wishbones, SE vs Special Edition, 4 vs 5 seats).
Pros and cons for each model but that could create controversy, so maybe not!
General tyres, wheels, suspension and brakes (e.g steel wishbone failure, rear axle corrosion)
General engine, gearbox and fuel system (e.g. cambelt, inter-cooler, fuel filter)
General electrical (e.g. convenience unit failures, door micro switches, poor earths)
General body work (e.g. door straps, hinge mounting failure, aluminium "corrosion", lacquer peel)
General interior including climate control (e.g. wear on buttons)
Special features (e.g. Open Sky issues)
Specific to 1.4 Petrol
Specific to 1.6 FSi (e.g. EML lights and disabling)
Specific to 1.4 TDi 75
Specific to 1.4 TDi 90 (e.g. dual mass flywheel)

[General means common to all/most models]

These would be mainly short sentences of issues to be checked, so thread could have a single posting - the alternative is each issue within that topic is a separate post. The thread could say how easily the issue can be fixed and be xref'ed to How To's (also a good source for issues) or to other definitive threads (e.g. wheels tyre options) and maybe an indicative cost to fix (obviously subject to geographical variations). The aim is to be A2 focused rather than issues common to all vehicles.

There would be no discussion within each topic thread, as over time the thread ceases to be a concise reference, but there could be a separate single thread for discussion and suggestions or alternatively a discussion thread associated with each topic.

This means only one person should be responsible for each topic, so would need a knowledgeable volunteer. Locking the thread to that volunteer helps to keep it cohesive (if this is technically possible).

Having the alternative separate discussion thread associated with each topic does double the number of threads but helps the responsible person in that they need to monitor just 1 dedicated thread.

Having a buying an A2 wiki means newbies who post questions like " I want to buy an A2, so what should I look out for?" can be quickly directed to the wiki.

Thoughts? Happy for it to be shot down - no point in starting something if it is not going to work out in practice.

PS As I'm not a mechanical expert, I'm happy to do the Intro thread.
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I think Murdo did an A2 buying guide many years ago, but I would imagine it would need updating now.

Definately a good idea but it will need a lot of effort on someone’s part to collate all the information.

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be as comprehensive as you have planned to make creating it a little easier and easy reading for potential buyers.


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Thanks for your thoughts Steve.

Definately a good idea but it will need a lot of effort on someone’s part to collate all the information.
That's why I suggested splitting it into separated threads, each with a separate author, so no one person has to collate everything and the work is spread. Risk of different styles but I think we could live with that. Would be a bit of work for Ben (or whoever) to set up a new section and make it prominent on the Forum Home/index page.


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I think Murdo did an A2 buying guide many years ago, but I would imagine it would need updating now.
Good memory Steve - almost ;) It was ben who set this thread up in 2006

And then spike said he was thinking of creating a Buyer's Guide (sorry spike for confronting you with your past best intensions!!)

Unfortunately it soon got used by people who just got an A2 posting all their problems.

But then it was murdo who wrote a long post no. 12
and then the thread revert to owner problems.

Maybe Murdo's post should be extracted and put as a sticky in The A2OC section on the Home page.