How long.....

How long before the total no of A2's left on the road will be seen as a rare car..........OK, I know they are quite rare already but how many years with current scrapping rates will it be..........2-5-10 years......…anyone fancy a guess?
Has anyone put a car in storage with the view to future profit, similar to the rear wheel Ford situation or in fact many classics...
Classic cars are at present a better return than bank interest rates given recent sales figures, a good long term bet if you have the space and money to invest.
The problem there is how longs a piece of string things for sure they will be around a lot longer than most of british leyland examples and a lot of early fords for that matter ..(aluminium) ..people myself included in this have always put away a classic wether to use on sunny days or investment but a lot of people caught colds when they have peaked and crashed over past times ..
As far as investment best not to have all your eggs in one basket ..I personally have bought a couple of low mile examples but more really to future proof our own personal needs a 1.4 petrol example Incase they clobber diesel ..


When I think of a reasonable price main stream nice car that’s rare, I think Honda S2000 and there are 5k of those, but I never see one, so it must be a combination of number of cars and how many miles they do.