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Spent a little time today looking at this site. It gives really clear information on all speed cameras. Not just how to avoid, in fact they suggest that almost all radar detectors are too slow.
It's worth a quick look at, some very interesting pages and images.

One in particular is a GATSO camera in a dustbin, yep that’s right a dustbin.



Whilst I don't disagree with the Gatso concept, I do disagree with the placement of many speed camera's. I'm more for more mobile camera units in places where there is proven accident problems due to speed and nothing else. And mobile cameras take out the slow down and spped up affect fixed cameras present. My humble opinion anyway!.

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I am feriously against speed cameras. Here in Holland, we have highways with 4 lanes where the maximum speed is 100km/h. Not for safety, but for the "environment" (three cows and a horse standing in the fields). That while I'm driving one of the most environment-friendly cars in the world.

This month I've been fined for 250 Euro in total. 3 times for parking violations (one time for parking near a parking meter with a red cap/one time for parking on a normal parking place, but in front of a small fire corridor of my former apartment which hasn't been used even once for 8 years/one time for parking on a parking place for unloading, but I forgot to turn on my warning lights) and 2 times for speeding (127 km/h where 100 was allowed, at 3 o' clock at night when I was driving on my own on a 4 lane highway and 56 km/h where 50 was allowed, on a road which is officially within a municipality, but far away from any buildings).

Is this justice?

The funny thing is that this has exactly the opposite effect. I now know exactly where the cameras are standing. You'll find me driving even faster, slowing down at where the cameras are and accelerating again right after the camera).

The funny thing is that on the Autobahn, where there are no speed limits, hardly any accidents happen. One wonders what is safer. If I'm driving 160 km/h, you bet I'll pay attention to the cars around me.

It's not about speed. It's about the distance to the car in front of you.
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