Its hard to keep my fingers away


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What is with A2s? It is so difficult to be normal.
My latest symptoms were a lack of resistance to this temptation.
My partner is slightly worried.


Perfectly normal. They look to be grubby but ultimately tidy. As long as they're all round it seems a total bargain price (17 quid in Plague Island currency).


I paid considerably more for some round and renovated pepperpots and they are popular for a reason. Perhaps my least favourite wheels for the A2 aesthetically speaking. From a functional perspective though, they best the 17" sport wheels which feel like riding on rubber bands around wooden blocks, and even the 16 Avus wheels (my preferred wheel for the A2 looks-wise) are crashy by comparison. Note, I used Avus for 16 years of ownership before getting pepperpots and on the basis of pepperpots experience got some A1 15" wheels for my second A2 1.6 FSI.