Jay's 1.4SE aka the snotbox


Ive been looking for a project that would keep me occupied over the winter and maybe beyond. Looking through Facebook marketplace I came across this.....


A 2000 1.4 petrol SE, 116,000 on the clock, no mot and has been used as a farm hack for the last 10 months. the battery has died so the owner has decided to sell it on.
Known issues:
Snapped coilspring - 2 new KYB springs fitted
Rear brakes binding/imbalanced/leaking - New shoes, brake springs and wheel cylinders
Airbag light on - sorted, just needed resetting
EML on - sorted, fault codes deleted
Battery light faintly on - fixed, alternator connection now securely connected
Misfire/rough running - service
Steering really rough when turning the steering wheel - combination of knackered strut top mount and broken coil spring and no power steering fluid
Interior looks like a farmyard cleaned and refitted
Check strap broken - new one fitted, thanks @depronman
No central locking (CCCU?) replacement unit fitted, thanks @A2Steve
Wipers not working - wiper relay thanks @Ami

So why did I buy it? it looks too good to scrap, however all it would take would be a major component failure and it could become uneconomical.

So it arrived on the tow truck, this is what ive bought.......



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Hi, Same year, colour and spec as mine. Im a few weeks into a project car myself. great little things A2 and very little to rust other than the back axle so its all just nuts and bolts.
Yes, brown then green, I love it, but yes, it would be a nightmare to match if there was body damage, doors wings, bonnet bumpers and wings could be swapped, but roof and the rest would be a pro job.


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If brought back to life that could be a little cracker, that's one of the best colour combinations. Plus you've got all four electric windows and the Sport steering wheel & gearknob over and above the full SE specification - and it's an early enough one to still have all the switches in hard touch, not the soft touch that wears into white patches. You've done well there 👍


Yes, brown then green, I love it, but yes, it would be a nightmare to match if there was body damage, doors wings, bonnet bumpers and wings could be swapped, but roof and the rest would be a pro job.
someone has keyed this across the bonnet and RH side, it has been touched up in the past so I will be wet flatting those panels and then machine polishing the entire car


is that a good thing? sorry to sound ignorant
Yes, definitely a good thing. Later models has pressed steel that were hollow and prone to rust from the inside until they disintegrated. Many of us with the later models have changed to the cast/forged ones. Only downside is that the ball joints on the forged ones cannot be replaced separately, so it pays to buy quality forged ones.

That's quite a project you have on your hands. Congratulations for taking it on. Another A2 saved. Based on other's experience, the quality materials used by Audi means that the interiors clean up very well. I wish mine had that beige interior - I think it looks smart.


So I made a start on the drivers door card this evening...


They were really manly, covered in grime and dirt
I used some bilt hamber surfex hd for the hard plastics and the worse of the fabric stains and some general all purpose cleaner for the remainder of the fabrics
Part way through

A nice 50/50 shot there


The bottom of the door card needs another treatment but is a lot better

The finished article

There’s still another 3 to do and a load more interior panels as well!!


Been busy today on some of the interior trim panels, most of it was like the door trims and took a fair bit of scrubbing and cleaning.

The passenger front door trim was damaged due to damp/water damage, the very bottom of the trim was threatening to come away from the rest of it so a repair was needed


So I peeled back the trim fabric as best possible and measured up some fibreglass


The green tape was used to hold the bottom of the door trim in the shape it was supposed to be, once I added the resin I added some more support as well.


And there it is, all nice and firm again, I will wait until tomorrow now before glueing the fabric to the card again and then I can clean the panel.

Started the floor carpets as well, drivers was the worse

I didn’t get a finished picture, but seeing the waste bucket in the vax cleaner gives you an idea how bad it was


Finished the day by pulling the wiper linkage off as the wipers don’t work and taking the headlights out so they can be cleaned and dried out. I’ll save that for another post

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10 days in and so far I have about 70% of the interior cleaned up, ta not been easy but it’s really starting to come together.

Had a delivery from A2Steve today, an AF CCCU, thanks mate. Plugged it in and all of a sudden I have interior lights, central locking, the hatch motor now works and remote locking.
The plan was to get the interior sorted and then move on to the mechanicals but I’ve been dipping in and out of the mechanicals as sometimes it’s a nice break from cleaning.

So far I’ve sorted:
The dim battery light was a bad connection
Airbag light has been put out,
Abs light is now out as well, bad connection on a sensor
Waiting for a set of coil springs to arrive

Still trying to sort out the wiper fault, the motor appears to be ok and there’s power at the motor, however my feeling is that the relay is the problem

Other jobs I have found but wasn’t aware of
Check strap on drivers door
CTS need replacing, flagged up on VCDS
Steering rack g250 sensor appears to be faulty, very heavy steering and this appears to be a common fault for this sensor.
Exhaust blow from the front pipe/manifold

Thank god for VCDS lite and an old KKL lead that I found in the garage, tbh I wouldn’t be able to sort the car out without it.

Plans for this weekend, get the interior back in and really start poking and prodding at the mechanicals, I’m hoping to have the car in for mot within the next few weeks so I can spend some time over the Xmas period starting to tidy the paintwork up

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A2OC Donor

You really are making excellent progress. Thanks to Audi using high quality materials, much of the neglect can be brought back to presentable or better levels. Yes VCDS is a MUST HAVE and without it you are just guessing. Have you tried using a jump lead to earth the windscreen wiper motor to the engine block as bad earths are common on the wiper. Check strap Paul @depronman makes a far superior version than the Audi original. With a good battery some faults will clear after a short drive, but no guarantees in your case.


Drop me a PM if you want a check strap
I have stock and can post out as soon as you have paid and provided an address
My refurbished straps are better than a new strap from Audi because I have eliminated the two failure points those being the pop rivets are replaced with cheese head stainless steel screws and nylon nuts and the plastic rollers are replaced with brass rollers
They are also about ⅔ of the Audi price

Cheers. Paul

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Thanks for the heads up about the check strap, I’ll be putting an order in for one of those soon.

Back in the interior clean up today, passenger seat, part of the centre console, glove box, passenger side carpet and boot carpet now cleaned and ready to go back in, the only issue is that fabrics take so much longer to dry in this weather

Some before and afters








The glovebox lid has that soft touch finish on it that was pretty badly scratched. Audi, like many other manufacturers of that time favoured this horrible texture and 20 years down the line it really lets the finish of the car down.
So some mentholated spirits and a roll of blue paper later....


It looks better and feels better as well, now all I have to do is the centre console and the glovebox surround.

Next job is to put the interior back together

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