Keeping positive - COVID-19

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Good evening all,

The admin team hope you and your loved ones are all keeping safe and well during these challenging times.

With social interaction restricted and our own club social scene on hold, it is perhaps more important than ever to reach out and pull together as a community. A2OC has always been underpinned by family values and it seems only appropriate that we continue do all that we can to keep each others spirits up. In recognising the importance of mental health and wellbeing, the team thought it might be an idea to start a thread that focuses the mind in a good way.

The concept is simple, post a photograph or two that generates fond memories for you, coupled with a line or two of text (if you wish). This can of course be a photograph of your A2, you and your A2 and/or an A2OC social event, but equally it can be an image of a happy place, a wedding photograph, family pictures or images of your pets for example. In essence something that bolsters your spirits and may equally do the same for others.

Photographs are not obligatory mind, if you have a nice story or some good news that you are happy to share, please feel free to post in equal measure.

Stay safe good people and look after yourselves as well as each other.

All the very best from the team.


Well here's a photo of my A2 FSI after a visit to Timmus just before the lock down, Sunderland point, Nr Heysham, lovely place and looking forward to returning as soon as we are allowed.
Keep safe everyone so we can all enjoy 'how we survived lock down' stories at future social events

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One of @stevec using the roof of my A2 breaker to good use fitting a new tube light for me in the garage. He had been back and fore a few times and saw that my garage was like a cave so he popped back with a tube light to brighten things up for me. You wouldn’t get that in any other car community.


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Happiest memory, last summer when Tom and I (but mainly Tom really 😅) swapped two interiors in two days, in a glorious hot summer weekend, realizing my biggest dream, a low miles, silver A2 with OSS and leather twist interior (project "Let there be light).

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Yep, I have great memories of this, too. We were on the outskirts of Cambridge on one of the hottest weekends of the year, but I don't recall toiling in the heat. In my mind's eye, it's all just good company, nice food and drink, a lovely private garden and the immense satisfaction of having fulfilled someone's dream.