LOSS of Turbo Power


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I posted about 6 months ago re loss of power on 1.4TDI A2.
After checking and troubleshooting changing virtually everything including N75, Turbo with the help of members.
and having 5 sets of different diagnostics with no fault codes and losing faith ,a local Polish mechanic solved it.
He disconnected the inlet manifold from exhaust power returned connected it back up no boost.
CAT was completely snarled up.
Took it out making it a through and through and it has been going brilliantly since then.
Just thought i would highlight my fix as i did spend a bit replacing all the normal stuff and had a lot of nonsense pushed my way from various mechanics all of whom were recommended locally by friends.
Having said that my passenger window has now gone on the blink.
Its partially open but will no longer go up or down.The drivers side is fine hope its an easy fix.
any idea suggestions welcome.
Thanks again for all the input



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A free longshot is to disconnect the battery for 10 mins or touch the two connectors together (once disconnected of course).

That has definitely worked on occasion.

dies it work when you use the switch for that window in the driver’s door? It could narrow down the issue.
Steve B