Information Lower floor Panel

Have just had the panel up on floor drivers side and knocked back the lower floor panel where someone in its previous life tried jacking car up.
Can anyone tell me what the threaded nuts on the lower floor held down as there is nothing there.
I did not no how to get to that area until i had read someones misfortune when getting tyres changed, this is such a helpful site even showing jacking points on the car on its side.


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The 2 empty raised threads on the floor of the drivers side footwear compartment are used to secure the Bose Amplifier.

If you haven’t got Bose, then this is where our friend @timmus will fit the afore mention item.

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That was a bit of luck then. Have thought about fixing a panel of that 3mm 5 bar aluminium sheet 400mmx400mm to the underside to passenger and drivers side.