Misfire dramas


Putting this out there for info and feedback.

From cold. No issues at all.
Gets warm. And EML blinks but if it stays off car ticks over stable.
If I do an Italian tune up it goes into misfire mode and then idle is lumpy......



Got my VCDS lead but not tried yet... However a friend got me on the cylinder 2 coil pack lead replacement shorting as only one swopped as can see cable crimps in insulation tape.....
Someone mentioned PCV due to mileage (118,000) and wad of bills and receipts never mentioned PCV or perhaps de-coke?????
Anyway starting from cold after the classic TSI rattle for 10 seconds I know I hear a funny fluttering from back of engine climate control area sounding like a Lister put put engine.... It's like a farting raspberry sound for about 20 seconds then eases.... It's not a whistle like a PCV or is it......
So many things up for grabs based on mileage...