MOT Extension

Jeff Sutcliffe

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I appreciate that the Government has taken this initiative but I don't know whether it would go down well with insurers if we make a claim for a car that doesn't have a current MOT certificate. I assume that the car tax (vehicle excise duty) section at DVLA will co-operate with the MOT move but it hasn't been made clear how it would deal with a change of ownership if a new keeper wanted to tax a newly acquired car which was taking advantage of the MOT extention.


As far as I see it an MOT is just a snapshot of the vehicle on that day. Just because you have a current MOT don't stop you from Police/VOSA prosecution or if they stop you and find a defect.


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In the event of an 'incident' wonder if Insurance companies will pick up on old 'advisories' which have not been attended to.

Cheers Spike