My new project, a Tdi 90 2004


A2OC Donor
So I spotted and tdi 90 which is rear in Sweden, as they were not released on the Swedish market. This one was imported from Germany 2005. The most important options is there,
Working Open Sky, and of cause the 90 hp engine and sport seats and the right colour (black metallic). It also have 4 speakers and CD changer

What's missing is cruise control, sport steering wheel, FIS/DIS and all the other stuff that I have retrofitted on the 1.6 FSi. But first I will have the miming belt replaced and after that have it remapped. Finally some torque. :eek:

I have added some pics in my gallery.

Today I swapped wheels to my 17" Bolero, it already looks much better.

rsz_20160313_110212- resized.jpg
I love the 90's Audis (Most of my clothes are from the '90s too! ;)) and I love the black with silver wheels.

Even before a remap these are fun to drive and it seems to be the torque that you notice rather than just acceleration.

Nice project, more pictures soon I hope.

Steve B
After a few days of driving the Tdi and I am pleased. Finally an engine that match the car! It's a bit rough when idling but what can be expected of an three-pot. Gear change is sluggish but I will try lubrication and a wire adjustment.