My wiper gone mad!



I think it was about 1 month ago I replaced wiper switch and added a new earth cable as my wiper earth was bad.
So since it was working fine, I didn't think of nothing about it. Recently, it start to work without even touching the stalk while my daughter is driving it.
I thought she must hit the stalk during steering operation as she is not used to driving.
But when I drove it the other day, it started without touching anything. All I did was start engine!
My daughter thinks it is haunted!

Tonight, my wife went out to pick my daughter up from her work and drive home so that she can practice night driving but again wiper started and don't stop!
When my wife called me to look at it, head light switch and flashing/pulsing!

Can any of you enlighten me with cure!? or explain to me what it is causing to do this?
Do I need to fit a new wiper motor or change my addition earth wire to the body instead of the engine?

Any thought? I'm not good with modern cars!



Since no-one else has responded yet - sounds like an earthing issue, perhaps exacerbated by the new earth cable that has fixed one problem but now resulting in current taking an unexpected return path hence random wiper movements, headlamp switch lighting up in a strange way etc.

Did you do anything (ie clean) to the starter-motor earth behind the passenger side (UK) headlamp or any other earthing point? If any of these are dirty or corroded all manner of bizarre effects can occur due to the excessive resistance (ie, starter motor may behave as if battery is flat and current coming through the drive train needing/using this earth as a path back to the battery under normal circumstances may seek other paths of lesser resistance, including the new wiper earth to get back to the battery).

Best of luck!


If your additional earth is from the wiper motor to the engine, move the engine end to the body. Body is a more relua earth than the engine, and suffers less vibration.


Thanks guys for your reply.
OEM earth is galvanic corroded and I cannot take them apart. I have added another earth to chassis mount on same side.
I have repalced a wiper switch stalk last month after wiper stop in the heavy rain on A1(M).

I think I will change earth position to body and see if this helps.