Chat New A2 Owner.. Love it!! So chuffed


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I have just bought my Lovely A2, I really do love it, so quirky holds the road like anything, ( i have a Range rover as well that dosent.)
sorry for the back story, but a customer of mine was selling it for £150 Scrap, because the windscreen wiper didnt work, I couldnt let this happen. I offered her £200 but she only wanted £150. So I got it for £150 with 9 months MOT. took it straight to my Mech, who had it for 3/4 days and said the wiring for the Windscreen wiper was lose, it needed a new tyre also, While it was there he gave it a Service as well, Oil filter etc. the only thing he could find wrong, is the Bonnet is peeling from the Laquer, few pixels have gone and might need a new battery soon. so for £300 I have got a lovely 2001 A2. I could be wrong but I think I got a bargain, drives amazing. is there anything I need to look out for?


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Welcome to the forum :)

What engine is it 1.4 petrol or 1.6 FSI or is it a 1.4 TDI ?

Have you got anymore pictures of the lovely A2 as we love pictures😁


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i will do some. but only had it a week and 4 days been in the garage lol, its a 1.4 petrol 124k miles, only thing i have seen as concern is the Service booklet has 1 stamp at 34k miles, now 2 after i have got it. but havent gone through the paper work on it


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Hi Tampa 123 I've had mine for 8 years and I love it.before that I had a BMW 20litre convertible then an is 250 lexus but I sold then far to expensive to run.lost slot of money on them.bought an a2 feel in love not selling it never its brilliant.getting some upgrades from timmus should of done it years ago.happy a2 ing.hah.


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Welcome to the forum. Wiper motor failure is common, more here...
Issue of greatest concern is wishbone collapse on pressed steel variant(older cars had cast arms which didn't suffer). See this...
Otherwise it's getting old, they suffer the same issues as other aging cars without the body rust. :)


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Mine feels great, feels like a new car, gearbox is so smooth, The Mrs is driving the RR, I would rather be in the A2, i did have a brand new A3 and always thought it was boring to drive, this A2 is amazing. love it. just need to sort bonnet out, seen some on ebay for £60 including postage in silver, cheaper then getting it resprayed. £100 plus. are they worth mapping? petrol version? will this ruin it?


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Yes, try the used market for the bonnet, maybe put an ad in the forum Wanted in Marketplace, it's a very common colour, but shipping/collection is the problem. My experience is nearer to £200 for a respray.

Forget the remap, not really feasible with petrol, (if you did it would be very expensive with very little gain from memory).



Batteries (in cars owned here) are often found to be the original Audi 8Z0-coded Varta which is understandably on its last legs after 15-16 years - I have three, and all of them were still on the original battery that have been replaced by the suitably-sized Bosch when there were 50% deals at Eurocarparts or Tayat on Ebay.

All of mine have needed new Anti-roll bar bushes at the front - this presents itself as a knock when you go over road imperfections. There is an extensive debate about suspension refreshes - I have used Bilstein B4 shocks all-round and they've been very good - but you won't go far wrong with any other quality name if you deem it necessary.

Sounds like it is running well - the 1.4i may need throttle body / EGR cleaning / coil / cables / plugs but if there are no issues then you should be good to go. The coil does eventually get worn / crack (in a hot environment with vibrations) so becoming less efficient at generating a clean spark, but this manifests itself as a gentle misfire at certain rpm. If it isn't broken, don't fix it - and if something does become apparent, there are plenty of people here with the experience to suggest what to check and how to move forwards. Good luck!