New A2 Tdi

I've recently bought what was advertised as a Tdi Se but it turned out to be a Tdi 90 Sport with only 105k on the clock and a fairly recent clutch and DMF, plenty of small issues to attend to, just replaced the faulty Concert with one from eBay which works nicely. Terrible rattling from front end which is probably antiroll bar bushes, I'll have a look when the new 16" wheels arrive, the original 17" ones appear to have been used to stop the car against the kerb on both sides !


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Welcome aboard and congratulations on your purchase - that was a nice little bonus :)

These cars have an appetite for ARB bushes and drop links, it could be either or both making the noise. Meyle HD are the recommended replacement for the drop links if you don't fancy doing them again next year.


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Having just paid out for a new DMF/clutch as well as timing belt and oil chain, I can say that having one that has recently had the work done is a massive saving.
I've noticed the posts on here for drop link recommendations and Polo ARB bushes ! Its ages but not massive mileage since the cambelt was done so guess that will be the major expense along with the timing chain to be on the safe side. All I want now is a nice red leather Sport interior :) as the original issue is a bit drab !