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I agree with Mac - sounds like coil packs. A fairly cheap and easy mend. I changed mine fairly recently on my 1.4
It was Robin_Cox who went for coil pack, and I'd go for them too. Especially if original fit. Well known, unlike fine claret, and me, to not age well! (Not so sure about me on second thoughts).


Hi All
Thanks for all your suggestions much appreciated.
It looks like the coil pack is the first job then as it is definately the there any way somebody could list an E-Bay item number of the correct part that I need....Robin you mentioned a Bosch one for £52 on the Bay ....but I couldnt find it

Mac. ......yes I'll do those checks as the battery is 18 years old and although it seems to hold charge without a load it could be useless under load I guess.


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Hi All
Thanks for all your suggestions much appreciated.
It looks like the coil pack is the first job then as it is definately the there any way somebody could list an E-Bay item number of the correct part that I need....Robin you mentioned a Bosch one for £52 on the Bay ....but I couldnt find it

Mac. ......yes I'll do those checks as the battery is 18 years old and although it seems to hold charge without a load it could be useless under load I guess.
Here's the correct Bosch coil pack on eBay:

Cheap coil packs can also be found but should definitely be avoided!

You will also need new HT leads:

And new spark plugs:


Price for the Bosch coil varies from around 51 to 54 quid depending on the site, not all of them list as for A2 specifically (mishmash of smaller VW & Skoda models all using the same engine), but the critical thing irrespective of which car it is suggested for, is the Bosch model number 0986221048 as in Steve's post above. As Steve, I also matched mine with Bosch cables and plugs, and between those and refurbished injectors (that your engine less likely to need given the low mileage) it has made a huge difference. As suggested by others above, if those go on worth possibly worth also giving the car a treatment or a tank of Shell Premium or similar with all the proprietary cleaning agents and whatnot in there. Good luck!

Darren C

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Welcome to the forum Bill. It sounds like you have got yourself a lovely honest family owned example.

We never tire of photos, so look forward to seeing them as and when. Opensky is a great edition to the A2, but must be used to save it naturally sealing and putting pressure on the motors when you eventually open it. For this reason, I’d recommend opening it at least once every couple of weeks even in the depths of winter. Also check the lubrication looks in good order and is free from dirt and grit.

Tom @timmus is your man for DIS and other electrical retrofits.

Disconnecting the battery should also necessitate the key fobs to be re-synced too. There is a ‘how to’ guide on here if needed which will help you.

As Teresa has said, there is a good social scene and community spirit here. Hope to meet you and ‘Leo’ at an event one day.


Thanks again everyone for your time on this ,its re-assuring to know that there's help out there available.
So all items Battery,leads,coil pack and plugs are now ordered and I hope will be here by Tuesday/Wednesday.
Then it'l be a breath holding moment to see if it cures all the problems.

I've just done a battery check as per Mac's guidance.
initial Voltage no load.......12.7v
under load with Ignition on and dipped beam....11.7v
Alterntor output is 14v....
So indeed it sounds like 18 years is enough....(amazing really).... and time for a new one


Well ...this is interesting/intriguing......
After yesterdays TB Adaptation Leo was really unhappy -----dash looking like a xmas tree.....and undriveable I reported.
So I disconnected the battery and left it overnight in the hope that some sort of "default" or "factory reset" if you like -- would occur.
This morning I went out to do the battery checks as previous post , and then started him up........and yep, running nicely again ! No warning lights of any type.
Still a bit of delay on the throttle but maybe not quite as bad as before....this may need looking into again.....(maybe the new ignition system that is on its way will cure it)
1......So is it the case that disconnecting the battery will cause a loss of any user inputted data on the ECU and all goes back to a default?? (makes sense logically)
2......Could my whole problem be caused by the battery??? (which Is in the process of being re-newed.)

Not sure if this is the end of this issue yet but its looking better......anybody got any idea why doing a TBA could have had such an adverse effect on everything.........weird
Leo may return !!


I think most of your problems are caused by the battery being knackered. Disconnecting the battery overnight will reset most of the errors stored, hence the miraculous improvement!
New battery, and coil pack should be your first move. Buying a KKL cable, (ebay under £5.00) downloading and installing VCDS (from rosstech website foc), should be your second move.
You'll have a runner by this time next week! Mac.


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Hi All
Just to say hi to everytbody here. I Dont know if theres any other members up here in the wilds of Norwich but thats where I am and if theres anybody else out this way it would be nice to know.
I now have my Fathers car as he has given up driving through old age. He bought it new in 2001 its a silver 1.4 petrol with 48.000 miles on it .It is immaculate and even still smells new inside.The car has been regularly serviced ,mostly by main Audi dealer locally.
I dont use it much and have had the (original) battery disconected for a few weeks. and ever since then I seem to have had some troubles. Mainly the engine management lights are on and although the car starts no problem and idles fine I now find that there is a sucking / intake noise and a drop in rpm coupled with a hesitation before the revs then race away as usual when putting your foot on the accelerator pedal. Is there any thing that needs to be done after having the battery disconnected for a period?? In the manual it mentions the auto windows need re-setting but thats all i could find.........The last time I used the car it was running perfectly.
If anybody has any suggestion what this might be or can suggest a knowledgable service station locally to me to take it to I'd be very grateful.(but not a main Audi dealer).

Hope someone has some thoughts on this.
Hi Bill,

I'm also in Norwich and have recently bought a lovely A2 1.4TDi SE...
I have a few jobs to do, but after giving up the Audi company car, this seemed like the perfect replacement and very much enjoying the experience so far!!

I've heard good things about Oscar @ Gotts in Norwich but am yet to try them out.

Enjoy your car!



Hi Jono
Thanks for making seems theres a few of us about locally. Teresa suggested a mini get together at some time. would be good I think.
Leo is getting better,but still to do a test run.I'm expecting a set of ignition system parts any time so hopefully it'll take him to 100%.
Thanks for the heads up on Gotts--- could be useful.


Ive been for the test run and it went really well. New battery is now installed and Leo seems to be happy.
I still feel that there is something about the initial touch of the accelerator.......its a bit like the engine isnt sure what to do .
I'll put the new ignition items on when the arrive and see if it cures the issue....albeit is is only a slight issue now.
Anyway ..apparently the A2 OC community like photos........heres a few.



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Removing the battery overnight will indeed clear down some of the less major fault codes,

It is possible that the adaptation of the TB did not work correctly, hence it was running poorly after that

leaving the battery disconnected would mean that the TB adaptation would be lost, ECU will drop back to defaults, but will learn the TB positions over time, may take a few weeks of mixed driving, so you may well find it just gets better on its own
The coil / leads / plug will certainly do no harm, Audi did not design those types of component to last the thick end of 20 years, rubber break down and cracks, as does the plastic the coil is housed in



As far as I can recall,Leo has had a lovely life. Perhaps 3-4 round trips up to Yorkshire a year. Odd trips to Yarmouth and Norwich and Cromer/Sheringham and over to us from N.Walsham. After each trip he will have been pampered and chamoied ( that a word??) and put to bed in his garage till next use.
He is a credit to George (my Dad) for his condition.I only hope that I can carry it on for him. Dad will be thrilled when I show him all this on here.
Thanks for all your comments.
Looking forward to a mini meet if it works for people nearby.