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Hello from Spain,

Since yesterday I own an A2 1.4 TDi 75cvs of 2005 with 185000 miles that I want to rejuvenate and update it on maintenance.

I've been reading the forum for years since this same unit I was about to buy it 3 years ago ... so the destination wanted this unit to be mine now.

Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge of this great little car.



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A belated welcome to the forum :) Congratulations on your purchase, a lovely looking car - looks Cobalt blue to me?


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The color is blue, but i don´t know yet de exact color name :D
You can confirm the colour by checking the label found in the boot (also inside the service record booklet, if you have it) showing the installed options. Here's what you're looking for:

My option codes.jpg

Mine was stuck to the underside of the false floor, LZ5Q is the code for Cobalt Blue Metallic. Post your code here and we'll happily tell you what colour you have.
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This thread:

gives a full list of the paint codes for all the standard options.


I´m from a city near Madrid called Toledo.

The color is blue, but i don´t know yet de exact color name :D
Also you can see car spec. (also color) in Audi app.