No power steering, no speedo and faulty sensor


Hi all

I had a weird issue with my 2001 TDI today. Whilst heading out the speedo needle jumped once. I thought that was odd and didn’t think much more of it.

When I left to come back home, the car flashed up orange warnings for power steering, faulty oil sensor? and low fuel (I am low on fuel though :) ). The power steering was not working. The speedo was also not working. The speedo then started working erratically (bouncing about). After a while the power steering came back on and the speedo started acting normal.

I have experienced damp footwell carpets before (I’ve had windscreens changed multiple times) and we’ve had a lot of heavy rain in the last few days. My carpets are damp again. I suspect what’s happened is linked to this.

I’m going to try to lift the footwell carpets and see what’s there. Anything else I should look at?



A2OC Donor
You could try disconnecting both battery terminals from the battery. Then hold the 2 leads together and finally turn the lights to headlights. This will dissipate any residual power from the car. Please make sure you have the code for your radio first as the earlier ones drop into safe mode when disconnected. Reconnect the battery terminals, reset any of the electrics as needed e.g. radio , clock , electric windows. Take the car for a drive and see. Would certainly lift the front footwell carpets and open the underfloor compartments to check for water. Thoroughly dry anything found wet. Check the bonnet drains are not blocked as this could cause water to overflow down through the pollen filter and into the heater and then the left carpet.


Thanks for advice. It ended up being a lot easier to fix than I thought!

Pulled my carpets and floor panels up yesterday and no evidence of water except the insulation on the backs of the carpets feeling very slightly damp.

However when I checked the fuses, my dashcam fuse box adapter fell out when I removed the fuse box cover. Plugged it back in and all is good. :)

I will keep an eye on the carpets. I’ve had them damp before but I’m not sure if it’s just dampness in the air or if there’s water getting in. I’ll also check the drains when I get a chance.